St Margaret’s reaches out to our community through active involvement in a variety of programs:

Feed My Sheep – Through the work of volunteers and generous donations by Publix, Sweetbay, Penatopia, Citrus Memorial Health community, and Skoors along with individual donations of food and money, 3,691 meals were served in 2010. Meals are served every Wednesday at noon. We are an equal opportunity provider.

First Step – Volunteers help provide shoes to children in need.

Food Pantry – The Joan E Williams memorial Food Pantry is an emergency food pantry which provides six to eight meals per person. Food for the pantry is provided through donations of goods and money from the congregation. The pantry is open two afternoons and one evening each week. We are an equal opportunity provider.

Good News Club – A local chapter for Child Evangelism Fellowship to provide local area children access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in after school setting.